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Quality content is vital to your marketing initiatives.
I offer content ideation, creation, and editing.

Digital Strategy

There are thousands of digital channels to reach your audience. Each one has a unique language and navigation for communicating with your customers.


From LinkedIn to Facebook, it's challenging and time-consuming to carry a conversation across all these channels every day.

Rely on me to regularly engage your customers and share your mission, while maintaining your brand voice and personality.

Email Strategy

One of the best ways to communicate with your customers is by email. Subscribers are proof of interest in your products or services.


Keep that relationship moving forward by providing them with personalized content. Emails allow for custom conversations that engage and grow trust between a customer and a company.

With my storytelling approach, your email marketing campaigns will increase read rates, clicks, and conversions. 

SEO Strategy

In order for customers to find you on Google, you need an SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization increases your chances of appearing higher on Google.


Search engines look for trusted and quality content that isn't just a sales pitch.

Improve your positioning with relevant blogs, thought leadership, and articles. You'll simultaneously share knowledge and resources with your customers to increase trust and loyalty.

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